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NEW!…. $5,000  annual maximum!

National Insurance Store has just tripled dental benefits! One of the most frequently requested benefits is quality dental insurance. Among the biggest concerns have been low maximum  benefits and the inability to keep your dentist.

National Insurance Store has solved those problems. We now offer Bright Idea Dental,  which allows you to keep your dentist and offers up to a $5,000 annual maximum.

This new plan is perfect for seniors

Plan highlights may include the following….

  •         100%  for preventative waiting period!

  •          80%  for Basic waiting period!

  •          50%  for major services....12 month waiting period***

  •          $5,000+  annual maximum... NEW!

  •          Keep your own dentist…. really!

  •          Additional discounts if you choose to stay in network

  •          Low monthly premiums

  •          Easy online application

  •          Top rated national Network

  •          VISION CARE   RIDER.....NEW! 


*** 12 month waiting period may be waived with proof of prior coverage.

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Dennis Stephens, CLU has been ​working with federal employees for 45 years and has been a Chartered Life Underwriter, CLU since 1987. He is licensed in all fifty states with all major insurance carriers. He has operated, and online for 20 years. The launch of is designed to specifically address the the unique needs and concerns of the senior federal community.