Double Dental

NEW!….Individual Dental Insurance!

National Insurance Store has just doubled your dental benefits! 

Most individual and association dental insurance plans have maximum annual benefits of $1,000, $1,250 or $1,500.

Two of the biggest concerns with those dental insurance plans are the low annual limits and the inability to keep your own dentist

National Insurance Store has solved those problems. We are pleased to offer a quality, individual dental insurance plan which doubles your annual benefit to $3,000 and allows you to keep your dentist.

 Plan highlights may include the following….

         100% for preventative services….no waiting period!

         $3,000+  annual maximum

         Keep your own dentist….really!

         Additional discounts if you choose to stay in network

         No waiting period for preventative  or  basic services

         Low monthly premiums

         Easy online application

         Top rated national carrier

         No age limit….Great for Seniors!